Nagarathna Memorial Grant helped us drive the Kannada Books digitisation project in multiple ways for which we are very thankful to Shri Thejesh GN.

Here is how we are utilising the fund to make it fruitful for kannadiga’s

Broad Classification

  1. The funds are mainly utilised for the following requirements of digitization process
    1. Transportation/Courier charges to accept old books for digitization
      1. Ensure safe acceptance & return of the books 
    2. Stationary required for safeguarding worn out book before and after digitization
      1. Polyethylene covers 
      2. Carry Boxes
      3. Glue, tapes, markers
    3. Rebinding rare books – We need to rebind the books taken out of original/stored covers for digitization (We request the book donors if this type of process is fine with them before taking it up)
    4. Purchasing out-of-copyright books
      1. Done in two ways
        1. Purchase only when necessary & if items are not found through any known sources 
        2. Establish a connection with old books sellers – purchase at low cost, return at a low or better cost and repeat the cycle 
    5. Short Travel & Unavoidable incidentals – Sanchaya makes an effort to ensure that the travel or any other incidentals kept minimal by crowdsourcing efforts from individuals to accommodate transport & travel expenditure. A minimal reimbursement is taken care wherever we can accommodate a small expenditure. 
  2. The initial run of digitization process was tough as we had not expected to run this project as a full time activity – adding a person at IASc to help with digitization at a minimal cost did help us drive the process smoothly. NMG 2019 helped us take care of the initial few months of expenditure until we received the promised support for this from Sanchi Foundation.

As of today, we have 1700+ books digitized in 10+ Languages under our digitization project at IASc, Bengaluru. This includes more than 800+ Kannada books.

Books from Science Writers , , Ninasam shared books of Shri. K. V. Subbanna, K. V Akshara, Old science & Kannada books collections from Dr. Y. C Kamala, Complete collection of , Pavem Acharya’s Collection from his grand daughter Smt. Chaya Upadyaya are the main ones to quote.

We are in process of completing the digitization of 40 years of Kasturi (170+ are already online), , are the other magazines which were made available under this Open Knowledge Initiative.

We have much more to talk about the overall outcome which I should be elaborating in a report of 2019 Digitization project blog post.

Thank you,

Omshivaprakash – On Behalf of Sanchi Foundation & Sanchaya Initiatives