(Initial Draft for 2020)

Year 2020 for Kannada Digitization has been really great irrespective of the pandemic that grounded many of us across the globe. At Sanchaya we were able to take up the most awaited digitisation projects that were lined up since Jan 2020.     

We finished scanning books from the following list:

  1. T. R Ananta Ramu’s science books – https://tranantaramu.sanchaya.net 
  2. Palahalli Vishawanath – collection – 
  3. A. P Malathi – Complete books collection https://apmalathi.sanchaya.net 
  4. Yakshagana Collection coming from Abhay, Athree books and others – https://yakshagana.sanchaya.net  
  5. CFTRI Weeded out books collection – scanned more than 25% of the books provided as gift. 
  6. Navakarnataka – Hosatu Magazines were archived and we would be completing the archival of the initial 13 years of Hosatu by the end of the month. 
  7. We could not work on the documentary of books digitization process – we plan to achieve this shortly. 
  8. We are currently working on a RaspberryPI based single camera scanner for portable manuscript scanner which we plan to use for small manuscripts and old news paper scans in 2021. 
  9. Total Kannada books made available on Internet Archive touches 1750
  10. We digitised the books of Dr. Krishnanda Kamat & Dr. Jyotsna Kamat – https://kamat.sanchaya.net   
  11. Apart from books – we scanned the personal documents of Dr. Krishnanada Kamat & Dr. B. S. Madhava Rao for preserving the memories & valuable history of communication, language, culture etc. This was made possible through the duplex scanner we could afford through the generous donation offered.  
  12. We were able to put together a portal to showcase all the magazine issues for Kasturi ( Digitization project in collaboration with support from Smt. Chaya Acharya & Lokashikshana trust) & Kanaka Magazine (in collaboration with Dr. Kollegala Sharma) https://kasturi.sanchaya.net & https://kanaka.sanchaya.net 
  13. Digital Sanchaya portal was launched to showcase the over all Kannada books archive created through the collaborations – https://digital.sanchaya.net 
  14. Shankara Arts & Commerce College, Navalagunda – shared valuable resources to be scanned from the college library. All these books and manuscripts are now archived and its also made available via https://ssacc.sanchaya.net/ 
  15. We put up a portal for trying out the tesseract opensource OCR for Kannada at https://ocr.sanchaya.net 

 …. to be continued …

Nagarathna Memorial Grant/2020

  • We are proud to have been selected for the NMG Grant for the second time in 2020. The grant enabled us to purchase the electronics such as raspberry pi, fund a part of duplex scanner we acquired along with various other instrumental support it added to the activities throughout the year. All the postal collaboration support has been taken through the NMG Grant and we have been very happy to have used Indian Post for all our digitization collaborations postal deliberations. 

We thank Thejesh for the support and inspiration through his inputs, thoughts, blog, data activism and more. 


Upcoming & Announced projects 

  1. We worked on analysing the kannada ISBN number usage & its availability on search engines – it led to a new project called https://isbn.sanchaya.net to create the first ISBN search portal for Kannada books. We intend to make this data available for public for further crowdsourcing of Kannada books metadata in unicode. 
  2. The Kannda books index project https://pustaka.sanchaya.net crossed 11K. Yet another 10K records are under review to make it a largest book index of Kannada so far. We plan to review the unique entries and make it available on Wikimedia’s Wikidata project in 2021. 
  3. An index of News papers & Magazines https://patrike.sanchaya.net is taking shape for 2021. 

Thanking all the supporters

  1. Servants Of Knowledge Initiative
  2. Nagarathna Memorial Grant/2020
  3. Kamat Foundation
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  5. <List of all Individuals> All the donors.